Art Is More Important Than Ever

Dear fellow artists,

can’t emphasize enough how important we
are right now. How valuable we are right now. There is nothing corny
about this. There is nothing weak about this. I mean this with all my heart and soul.

election night, I taught class
and said to my fellow artistic students that the only solace I could find
now was through my art. Art has always been my solace during challenging,
tough, dark times. Art gives me a platform with which to express myself
and channel all my emotions through. Art heals me and others. I JUST lived an example of that when on November 3rd, I did a personal monologue in scene study class that not only healed and moved me forward, but it healed and moved forward several others as well. Art was the silver lining that I
could find and hold on to on election night.

Art was literally the first thing
that popped into my head as a solution on how I move forward.

We as artists must mobilize. We must connect to our purpose. We must shine.

We as artists must be even more focused and dedicated to telling our stories and using our
power to inspire change. Art is universal. Art creates change
faster than any other medium. Art brings people together. Art heals.

Create art and the narrative you want to tell. Reveal to us what a woman can do in your world. Or what a person of color can achieve in your world. Humanize and reveal different sides of the LGBTQ experience. Create your narrative for others to see.

Create art and inspire love.

Create art and inspire
a sense of humanity.

Create art and help us to learn about different walks of

Create art and make us laugh.

Create art and give us hope.

Create art and use the power of social media to reach the entire world.

Create art and bring people together.

Create art and defy stereotypes.

Create art that defies stereotypes and elevates thinking instead.

Defy stereotypes so that your art reveals the wonderful, positive, richer sides that different groups of people possess.

Create art to help us understand others.

Write films that make people think.

Write films that inspire people to be the best they can be.

Write films that help us learn about different walks of life and create a sense of tolerance, understanding and empathy.

characters that aspire to be the best people they can be. Characters
that are up against challenges that they eventually overcome. Characters
that get to the other side of a challenge and are better for it.
Characters that change and have a greater understanding of themselves
and of others.

is just ONE, just ONE example of how art can change the world:
“Cristela” on ABC. A half hour sitcom. You may think, “What the fuck can
a sitcom do? How the fuck can a sitcom create change?” This sitcom
inspired many young girls to either go back to school or go to law
school (since the main character is a law school graduate interning at a
law firm) That’s just ONE example out of millions of ways art has
created wonderful change.

inspires change. Art moves people. How many times have we heard, “I saw
this movie as a kid and from that moment on, I knew I was put on this
planet to do X, Y, Z”?

Alonzo became the first Latina to create, produce, write, and star in
her own primetime comedy series. I can only imagine how many people she
inspired with this achievement! How many people who previously said
“I can’t do that” or “That’ll never happen” to now saying “I can do that

Let us lead by example. Let us express our life force. Let us inspire current and future generations to be the best they can be.

Channel your energy into the place where it has value: Art.






Take photographs



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